ShambaJijini Summit

16th to 31st of October 2021

Chef Njathi Kabui

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Chef Njathi Kabui

Eclectic Chef and leading expert in food literacy

Njathi Kabui is a Chef with a passion for Food Justice, a Leading expert in Food Literacy, a Medical Anthropologist, and an organic farmer. He is actively involved in promoting food literacy as a Public Speaker, Writer, and Social Commentator.

Chef Kabui has literally worked on almost all common sectors of food from the farm, marketing, to the consumer’s plate through his advocacy and eclectic farm and corporate dinner events.

Chef Kabui has designed his own cuisine which he calls Afro Futuristic Conscious Cuisine as a more healthy option that deals with Climate Change, Health, and Food Justice. He has promoted this cuisine in Africa, Europe, the USA, and the UAE, at numerous educational institutions, corporate companies, nonprofits, and embassies.

Chef Kabui has set up a food literacy and sustainability center in Kenya which has a village branch and an urban branch for the purpose of promoting food literacy, food demonstration, and creation of content

Chef Kabui has authored several publications inclusive of a chapter on, “Regaining our Food Sovereignty”, in the book, Mindful Eating for the Beloved Community (2018); “ A Taste of Sweet Home” book chapter in, Black Food (2021) and a forward to the seminal publication on Africa Food Revolution in Zimbabwe.


  • Lucy

    A great interview but short. I Loved the setting as it brought life and made it interesting

  • Erin

    Chef Kabui rocks! So how does one get the opportunity to taste some of this Afro futuristic cuisine?

  • Crispus Kinyua

    I like the part you say that we are born free and uncorrupted. Indeed corporations have taken advantage of us for a long time.

  • Crispus Kinyua

    We need to taste your cuisine chef Kabui

  • susan

    great thoughts shared and i love the fact that you are looking at the whole food chain and the need to think through all those areas.
    Waoo the cuisine has such a interesting name, i would love to have more conversations on this.

  • Food is a very political and intellectual subject matter and must be discussed within a complete connected circuit and not in isolated independent units…

  • Chakulakimani

    Chef Kabui is such an inspiring force. I dig the meaning behind afro futuristic conscious cuisine. His approach to food and life in general is worth emulating. Nuff respect.

  • John Mmbaga

    Inspiring indeed. Chef Kabui.

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