ShambaJijini Summit

16th to 31st of October 2021


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Have a look at the program to find out when the specific interview/video will be published. Go to Program

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Is the participation really free of charge?

Yes, the participation is completely free of charge!

Within the course of 2 weeks the summit is up and running, 2-3 interviews will be published at a daily base and available for everyone, who’s registered. The interviews/videos will be available for 48 hours.

As soon as you are registered, you will be informed about the daily program and also provide you with introductions to the specific topic in a daily email. In the email, send from, also the links to the videos/interviews will be shared

Can I download the interviews/videos? - YES!

If you would like to permanently access the interviews/videos, you can get the  ShambaJijini-Summit Package here.

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With the registration, we are aiming at improving the communication.

We do not share your information/email, your data is safe with us! The daily newsletter helps us to communicate as directly as possible with the participants of the Summit – and sending an email is still the most efficient way to share information! For the next Summit, we’re planning to make registration even easier, using your WhatsApp or any social media account, but we are not there yet.

If you do not want to receive any information anymore, simply unsubscribe.

Do I find the interviews/videos anywhere else as well ?

No. The interviews and videos with the Kenyan Pioneers of Regenerative Urban Farming will only be available for registered participants of ShambaJijini Summit and  with a ShambaJijini Summit Package.

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Thank you for your interest in the Summit!

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