ShambaJijini Summit

16th to 31st of October 2021

Franklin Kirimi & Ibrahim Maina

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Franklin Kirimi & Ibrahim Maina

Landscape Design Coordinator and the Senior Community Coordinator, KDI Kounkeuy Design Initiative

"A public space is ideally accessible to everyone: it is a space where you get optimal gathering, people are able to exchange ideas, you get a lot of interaction."

KDI Kounkuey Design Initiative is a community development and design nonprofit. KDI partners with under-resourced communities to advance equity and activate the unrealized potential in their neighbourhoods and cities.

Franklin is the Landscape Design Coordinator at KDI Kenya. Frank is interested in the role that designers play in creating more socially-inclusive urban landscapes and has a passion for learning how public spaces can combine methodical sensitivity in drainage, functionality and aesthetics of place.

Ibrahim is the Senior Community Coordinator at KDI Kenya. He is passionate about including the community’s voice in the development of Nairobi’s informal settlements. A born and raised Kiberan, Ibra first joined KDI in 2006 as a volunteer with extensive knowledge of the settlement. An expert in conflict management and youth engagement, he manages the community engagement process on all ten Productive Public Spaces in Kibera.

In the video Frank and Ibra take us to KDI's project sites in Kibera, where a design was implemented that is based on the participatory analysis of the needs of the local residents. This is key to reach ownership by the residents.


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