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16th to 31st of October 2021

Video: Waste as a Resource

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Video: Waste as a Resource

Video: Waste as a Resource

Video: Waste as a Resource

"My mission is to make the world a better place for everyone."

In the video we follow James Kagwe, who is the vision carrier and director at Waste to Best Environmental Action. He and his team are collecting, segregating and recycling waste in a Naivasha neighbourhood. They are turning waste into a resource.
The second part of the video shows us, how the grey water from the showers, dish washing, cleaning etc. in Tumshangilieni Mtoto Children's Home and School is recycled and being used in the school's permaculture garden. Dominic Wanjihia from Biogas International has set in place a grey water recycling system for the school.

Also have a look here: 


  • Els

    Good to see you both here James and Dominic; men with a vision !
    All the best from Mlango Farm 🙂

  • Great , we also do waste management in htown group , I really embrace the 3Rs reduce,reuse and recycle .Big up

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