ShambaJijini Summit

16th to 31st of October 2021

Sylvia Kuria

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Sylvia Kuria

Organic farmer and organic farming advocate

Sylvia is a certified organic farmer, Sylvia's basket brings organic food to your home. She also runs an Organic Farm Shop in Nairobi. Her vision is to make organic food accessible, and affordable, and also to provide small scale farmers with a reliable market for their produce.

"You need a lawyer and doctor once in a while, a farmer you need three times a day."

In the interview, Wanjiru Macharia (Health and Wellness Coach My planted Kitchen) and Sylvia Kuria (Organic Farmer - Sylvia's Basket) discuss how the food we eat and our health are directly related. Both are advocates for affordable and accessible organic, healthy food be for everyone.

Being mothers, farmers, and businesswomen, they highlight how important it is to provide the next generation with access to good food and a profound knowledge about food production.


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