ShambaJijini Summit

16th to 31st of October 2021

Francis Leyiangere

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Francis Leyiangere

Organic cosmetics, Laikipia Permaculture Center

"We are working with the most vulnerable groups in the communities, the women, identifying their biggest needs with them, and then we are trying to improve their social economic enterprises."  

Francis is a trainer at the Laikipia Permaculture Center. He is guiding Laikipia communities on making good decisions, building structures, and developing collective systematic approaches to improve value addition, producing organic cosmetic products.

In the interview Francis explains how the Laikipia Permaculture Center is supporting the local communities to cope with their difficult situation. They offer a wide range of trainings intending to build resilience in the communities and improve the overall sustainability of the businesses and socio-economic situation of the women. Besides the  training in permaculture, also training in leadership, communications, conflict resolutions, governance etc. is provided.


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